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  1. UNDERSTORY is an annual plant lab, urban ecology event and workshop series. Providing information, tools and unique experiential lessons to New York City residents about the natural environment that surrounds them, UNDERSTORY inspires participants to engage with their city ‘from the ground up.’.
  2. This paper shows how understory composition and fractional cover of different species types varies in a boreal forest site, and how it is linked to structural properties of the tree layer. The study is based on understory plots collected in an area of ∼16 km 2 around Hyytiälä forestry field .
  3. Mar 22,  · Understory data informs Monsanto’s decisions around irrigation, harvest dates and times, and seed production. Understory’s weather network is different from other weather hardware.
  4. How to use understory in a sentence. Example sentences with the word understory. understory example sentences.
  5. understory growth environment varies from season to season. We then discuss evidence for phenological variation within and among species, first broadly and then specifically with regard to differences between understory and canopy. This is followed by an evaluation of potential fitness consequences of different phenological strategies.
  6. Understory, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is the first company with proprietary sensors to successfully offer parametric insurance products covering severe weather risks like hail. Understory's.
  7. understory vegetation composition [Bubier et al., ; Rautiainen et al., ]. As the differences in spectral sig-natures between soil and understory vegetation are much larger than those among different soil types,Deng et al. [] decided to include all the vegetation (understory + G PISEK ET AL.
  8. OVERVIEW-- Students read text and view rich, authentic media as they learn about plants and animals that live the understory layer of a rainforest habitat This life science lesson contains 8 pages. It was written for grade 3 but may also be used with grades 2 and 4, as well as older challenged l.

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