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8 thoughts on “ An Ordinary Slow And Painful Torture - Parricide / Incarnated / Reexamine - The 3 Ways Of A Brutality (CD)

  1. Nestled among the books on my library shelves is John Swain’s The Pleasures of the Torture Chamber. It details a variety of ways to inflict pain on someone from “miscellaneous merriments of the olden times” to pain we inflict upon ourselves. Each of us may have a different viewpoint of what constitutes torture and what does not.
  2. Feb 26,  · Some of the most painful forms of tortures in the history of mankind! The Rack Brutal torture method which involves stretching people beyond their normal ability. Wheels at both the top and bottom of a board would pull a victims arms and legs in.
  3. I’d say it would be a tie between these two: 1. Rat torture Often known simply as ‘‘the Rat”, this was especially cruel and gruesome method of execution, originally used in the medieval China. Described as ”the most brutal torture technique ever d.
  4. Rat torture apparently lives on in the minds of creative types, as it has been featured recently in the film 2 Fast 2 Furious and in the TV series Game of Thrones. In this terrifying (and, I’ll admit, creative) form of torture, a hungry and/or diseased rat is placed in a bucket on the victim’s bare stomach or chest.
  5. Well there are many different forms of torture and it is hard to decide which is the most painful, I believe these are some of the most painful going from least to most painful (W.
  6. Mar 08,  · 3. Rat Torture. Thinkstock Used to interrogate the ill-fated in 19th century china, this blade laden chair would provide a slow and painful death to anyone strapped to it.
  7. Europe's Medieval period lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. During this time, torture was often used to extract confessions, or obtain the names of accomplices or other information about crimes.
  8. The breaking wheel is a horribly painful method of torture in which the victim was tied to the side of a wheel laid flat on the ground. Then one of two methods was employed: Either the torturer used a sledgehammer to smash every limb to pulp, or the wheel was made to turn in transection with another, like gears, so that the victim’s body was.

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