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  1. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby Lyrics: We've been friends for oh, so long / I let you share what's mine / But when you mess with the boy I love / It's time to draw the line / Keep your hands (keep.
  2. But you don't need to worry if your baby's hands and feet turn blue for a short period of time when the rest of the body is pink and your baby is breathing normally.
  3. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Live at the BBC) Lyrics: We've been friends for oh so long / I let you share what's mine / When you mess with the girl I love / It's time to draw the line / Keep your.
  4. My 5 months baby tremble her hands when she is laughing and when see looking at me. when i touch her arm she stop I took her to the doctor they told me it normal and to keep on eye on her to see any other symptoms. Also she start to sucking her lip when i finished giving her bottle and sometimes i think she is hurgy and i will feed her.
  5. "Both my baby boy and girl (now two and a half, and six respectively) did this a ton while they were infants. None of the doctors or nurses we’ve worked with has ever been concerned about baby constantly moving hands. My daughter would twirl her hands .
  6. An off-and-on blue cast to the hands and feet, with pink skin elsewhere, is not a sign of a problem. When to Worry About Your Baby's Circulation If there is a bluish cast over the entire body, the.
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